Under The Covers

February 25, 2009

“Great Things Are Covered” – Anonymous

Random collection of three great covers today:

Antony & The Johnsons – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (Bob Dylan Cover).  I’ve been a huge fan of A&TJ for a while now and I was still completely blown away at how gut-wrenchingly beautiful they made this song.  Instant favorite.

The Fray – Heartless (Kanye West Cover).  This one is hot off the presses and is definitely worth a listen.  The Fray attack this song with guitar while I think it may have been more interesting with a piano and while there is so. much. pain. in this song lyrically, I’m not sure I feel all of that pain in The Fray’s intrepetation.

Shirley Bassey – Get This Party Started (Pink Cover). We’ll end on a fun note. Ms. Bassey provides a predictable spin on this song but that’s not a criticism as she turns Pink’s fluffy Top 40 hit into something worthy of it’s own Bond film.


New Music Tuesday

February 3, 2009

The Fray’s follow-up to 2005’s two-time platinum “How To Save A Life” is released today.  I would argue that this album, the band’s second LP, shows little-to-no evolution or departure from the Fray’s formula for “How To Save A Life,” except that this disc seems a bit softer, with the drums and backing guitars taking a quieter backseat to the piano.  This isn’t necessarily a criticism, since I think they have sucecssfully avoided any sophomore slump but I’m not sure the album is going to set the music scene on fire.  Or even warm it.

Here’s the album’s first single and first track, respectively:

The Fray – You Found Me

The Fray – Syndicate

Buy the album: iTunes (Standard Edition); iTunes (Deluxe Edition); Amazon (Standard Edition).