Super Bowl Porn

February 2, 2009

superbowlpornComcast subscribers in Tuscon, Arizona experienced the best wardrobe malfunction the Super Bowl has ever seen when Comcast accidentally aired about 10 seconds of porn in the fourth quarter – right after a major play by the Arizona Cardinals.  Perfect.

Gizmodo has the clip (NSFW).  (I love how it’s not only nudity but douchey, here’s-my-floppin’-dick-in-your-face nudity.)




January 29, 2009

Super Bowl coverage starts at 9:00 AM.  9:00 AM!  Kick-off is at 6:30 PM.

Honestly, NBC?  Honestly?

The Super-ist Bowl There Is!

January 27, 2009

As spectator sports go, I think football ranks slightly better than baseball, to which I would give a spectator sport rating of “atrocious.”  (The winner would have to be rugby union, where the clock is not stopped when a player is tackled, making play virtually constant and uninterrupted.)  Still, I have enough of an understanding of football that I can enjoy watching games and sometimes do watch the tail end of one while I’m grumpily waiting for my 60 Minutes to start.  That said, I had no idea that: A) the Super Bowl teams have been determined (Pittsburgh Steelers & Arizona Cardinals) and B) that the Super Bowl is, like, right around the corner (Feb 1!).  Usually this information manages to leak through to me somehow (I guess I’m not invited to any Super Bowl parties?)

The NY Times is running a survey on who will win and it’s currently 61% in favor of the Steelers.  Hopefully it turns out to be a better match-up than people are expecting.

Related: The recent bankruptcy of the nation’s largest supplier of chicken wings (ironically not located in Buffalo) is wreaking havoc on the supply of the disgusting traditional snack before the big game.

Random #1: My class visited a sewage treatment plant with my gross 8th grade science teacher Mr. Gale and the guys that ran the place would not shut up about how you could tell by the water pressure gauges when the breaks/time-outs in the Super Bowl were because the whole town would be flushing their toilets at the same time.  Fascinating line of work, guys!

tom-bradyRandom #2: Last year I asked a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) what he was doing for Super Bowl Sunday and he said he couldn’t watch it because he was going to a 1st birthday party for a dog.  Yes, the dog’s obviously homosexual owner threw a birthday party for his #1 bitch on Super Bowl Sunday, presumably without realizing the conflict or realizing it but acknowledging that the “conflict” was a non-issue for his group of friends. I find the gayness of it all simply amazing.


Now here’s a gratuitous photo of hot quaterback piece of ass Tom Brady.