Florida Govenor Crist: I Prayed Away The Huricanes

August 24, 2009
Charlie Crist

Charlie Crist, homosexual

Anti-gay closeted homosexual and Florida Governor Charlie Crist has recently said that Florida’s current hurricane dry spell is because of his communications with God:

Crist noted that just before his election in 2006, Florida had been affected by a total of eight hurricanes in 2004 and 2005.

“Do you know the last time it was we had a hurricane in Florida? It’s been awhile. In 2007, I took my first trade mission. Do you know where I went?” said Crist, a Methodist, referring to a trip to Israel.

He then told of going to the Western Wall and inserting a note with a prayer. He said it read, “Dear God, please protect our Florida from storms and other difficulties. Charlie.”

“Time goes on – May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December – no hurricanes,” Crist said. “Thank God.” (Source)

Crist is currently running to become a US senator.

Marriage Equality Flag

July 7, 2009

unequal pride flag

This flag’s been around for a while but was recently updated.

The stars are arranged by the date of the state’s entry into the Union and represent, of course, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Iowa.

It’s a little depressing when put this way, isn’t it?

Via Box Turtle Bulletin.

Gov. Paterson Calls For Special Senate Session; Same-Sex Marriage Bill Left Out

June 21, 2009

The circus continues:

After two weeks of having no direct impact on the State Senate stalemate, Gov. David A. Paterson said on Sunday he would call the Senate to a special session this week, but would not include same-sex marriage among the bills to be considered, a move that stunned some of his key constituencies.


Mr. Paterson’s move does not doom same-sex marriage, but makes it much less likely to pass in the short-term. An aide to the governor said Mr. Paterson would still like to see the same-sex marriage bill come to a vote in the coming weeks, but Democratic leaders have resisted holding a vote unless it was assured of victory.

I really want all of these clowns voted out of office.


WaPo: White House Looks To Include Same-Sex Unions In Census Count

June 19, 2009

pride-flag-verticalI first wrote back in March about the Census’s plan not to count any same-sex unions/marriages in 2010 – even if they are legal in the citizens’ home state – because DOMA defines marriage as a union between opposite-sex individuals.

But Obama has apparently decided to throw the angry gay community another bone.

The Washington Post reports today:

The administration has directed the Census Bureau to determine changes needed in tabulation software to allow for same-sex marriage data to be released early in 2011 with other detailed demographic information from the decennial count. The bureau historically hasn’t released same-sex marriage data.

The article further notes that the Census has “long” collected data on same-sex unions but simply refused to publish it, again citing complying with DOMA as the deciding factor.

I’m not sure how that can be true since the little understanding I have of it is simply that gay couples would be registered as “unmarried couples,” which does nothing to distinguish them from straight couples who chose not to marry.

It would be nice to have government produced numbers on gay couples since it would provide some good data on the number of people the government is discriminating against.

Needless to say, whatever numbers they do produce (if they produce them at all), are bound to be controversial.

Dan Savage Proposes Civil Disobedience Alternative To Gay March On Washington

June 17, 2009

As you may know, Cleve Jones (AKA Emile Hirsch’s ‘character’ in Milk) has called for a gay March On Washington in October. Of course, the proposal spurred considerable debate and Cleve recently answered the criticism in a blog post on Bilerico.

dan SavageOver at Slog, however, Dan Savage (right) has proposed an action much smaller in scale but, he thinks, larger in impact:

Here’s the idea: one gay or lesbian couple—a couple currently denied their rights under DOMA—shows up at the entrance to the White House grounds. A different couple every day. They ask to speak to the president about DOMA. They’re refused. They sit down. They refuse to leave. They’re arrested, carried away by the police. Couples would be recruited from all over the country, demonstrating that gay marriage isn’t just an issue in liberal California or godless New England, and the media in each couple’s home city and state would be notified in advance of their arrest. The occasional famous couple—Rosie and Kelli? Ellen and Portia?—would participate to pull in celeb media. But most of the couples who come to D.C. to get arrested would be average folks. The couples would need support, legal and logistical, and we would need someone to organize media outreach and maintain a website. The website would include a photo and profile of each couple that comes to D.C. to get arrested, collect all the press, and be used to recruit couples willing to travel to D.C. and get arrested.

The action would be small scale—it would be human scale—and it would go on and on and on. It would demonstrate better than another gay march just how seriously we take this issue: we take it seriously that we’re willing to travel to D.C. and get arrested. It wouldn’t be a one-day event that the White House could ignore or bluff its way through with some lame statement about its “commitment” to ending DOMA. The couples would keep coming. Every day an arrest. Drip, drip, drip. Members of the White House press corps would see couples getting arrested every day on their way to work. Gibbs would be forced to address DOMA on a near-daily basis. The president would be asked about the issue again and again.

My boyfriend—who doesn’t do demonstrations (or interviews or photos or anything public)—is so upset about the DOMA brief that he’s willing to go to D.C. and get arrested. So am I. We can’t be the only couple that feels this way.

What do you think? One couple getting arrested every day for a year?

Although the mainstream media and the White House press corps has recently shown a surprising willingness to push the administration on LGBT promises made during the campaign, I’m not sure they could follow 365 days of two people being uneventfully arrested. I do, however, like the local media angle, which might be more valuable than the national media.

I also know that if I found myself in DC, I would sure as hell show up every morning to see the day’s arrest – and I bet I’m not the only one.

Oh Joy! A New GOP Hypocrisy Scandal! (Updated)

June 17, 2009

senator john ensignWith all the “Fuck You’s” the administration has been giving us (See: “Obama defends DOMA in federal court. Says banning gay marriage is good for the federal budget. Invokes incest and marrying children“; or “Obama Can Halt DADT Discharges With Executive Order (But Doesn’t)“; or “Hate Crimes Highest In Ten Years, Senate Pushes Vote Back Again“), it looks like Joe’s wish came true:

Sen. John Ensign acknowledged Tuesday that he had an affair with a campaign staffer — an admission that stunned his colleagues, hurt his chances for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination and called into question his future as a leader of the Senate GOP.

The Nevada Republican admitted in Las Vegas Tuesday that he had “violated the vows” of marriage by having an affair with a staffer. He did not identify the woman except to say that she and her husband were both “close friends” who worked for him, and that “the closeness” of their relationship had “put me in situations which led to my inappropriate behavior.”  (Politico)

I don’t think extramarital affairs – in and of themselves – are a big deal; I think monogamy is a goal not a guarantee. That all changes, of course, if you’re beating the “sanctity of marriage” drum to deny others basic rights.  (You see where this is going, right?)

In 2004, John “Sanctity Of Marriage Unless I’m Work Closely With Someone” Ensign issued this press release:

Senator John Ensign took to the floor of the United States Senate today to defend the sanctity of marriage and urge passage of the Federal Marriage Amendment Act.

“Marriage recognizes the ideal of a father and mother living together to raise their children,” Ensign said. “Marriage is the cornerstone on which our society was founded. For those who say that the Constitution is so sacred that we cannot or should not adopt the Federal Marriage Amendment, I would simply point out that marriage, and the sanctity of that institution, predates the American Constitution and the founding of our nation. Marriage, as a social institution, predates every other institution on which ordered society in America has relied.”

Ensign, in his comments, noted that Nevadans had amended the state constitution to guarantee the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman. Ensign emphasized the need to preserve the will of Nevadans who voted overwhelmingly to preserve marriage as well as the need to preserve the will of the majority of Americans.

“I am deeply concerned that a few unelected judges and some locally elected government officials have taken steps to redefine marriage to fit their own agenda,” said Ensign. “It is not right to mold marriage to fit the desires of a few, against the wishes of so many, and to ignore the important role of marriage.”  (Official Senate page via Joe.My.God.)

The FMA, as you recall, would have MODIFIED THE COUNTRY’S CONSTITUTION in order to ban gay marriage. Zealous much?

Ahh… there’s nothing like Republican hypocrisy to start your day out right.

PS: Ensign has three children.

Update (3:36 PM): Dan Savage: “Diddling underlings? When Bill Clinton did it, Ensign called on Clinton to resign, saying he had “no credibility left.” Humiliating public sex scandal? When Larry Craig got swept up on in one, Sen. Ensign called on Craig to resign, saying the scandal was “embarrassing.” Ensign even lead the GOP’s unsuccessful effort to drive Craig from office before his term expired. So will Ensign be stepping down now? Of course not. … Resigning in the wake of an embarrassing sex scandal? That’s for Democrats and fags.”

More: Short clips of FoxNews and Rachel Maddow covering the story after the jump.

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Gay: Everybody (In The Animal Kingdom) Is Doing It

June 16, 2009

giraffesA new study claims that while homosexual behavior among bonobos, dolphins, penguins, and fruit flies has been well-documented for years, instances of same-sex courting, mounting, and/or parenting is actually “nearly universal” across the entire animal kingdom.

While many view homosexuality as a threat to a species’s survival, the authors actually claim it can be a necessary adaption to save the species:

[The authors] found that on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, almost a third of the Laysan albatross population is raised by pairs of two females because of the shortage of males. Through these ‘lesbian’ unions, Laysan albatross are flourishing. Their existence had been dwindling before the adaptation was noticed.

Other species form same-sex bonds for other reasons, they found. Dolphins have been known engage in same-sex interactions to facilitate group bonding while male-male pairings in locusts killed off the weaker males.

I always find these examples interesting and I, like I think many people, sometimes look to them for validation of the ‘naturalness’ of human homosexuality.

I do not think, however, that they’re going to change anyone’s mind about human homosexuality. There are haters who are always going to claim homosexuality is wrong no matter how many species it turns up in.

Plus, I think it always walks the dangerous  line of anthropomorphizing these animals’ behavior and potentially reducing the human experience of being gay to instances single-sex mating among less developed species in the animal kingdom.

Lastly, do you really think the bible-bangers who are most rabidly anti-gay are suddenly going to start listening to science?

Yeah, me neither.