Jon Stewart: Moral Kombat (Updated)

May 15, 2009

I was happy I caught the beginning of “The Daily Show” last night because Jon, as he does better than anyone in media, highlighted the ridiculous juxtaposition of the torture debate/prisoner abuse photo ‘scandal’ with the administration’s lack of action on DADT, specifically in regards to Dan Choi.

The quote Towleroad pulled sums it up: “So it was okay to waterboard a guy over 80 times, but God forbid the guy who could understand what that prick was saying….has a boyfriend.”

Yep, pretty much.

Required viewing:

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Update 3:44 PM: Apparently taking the lead from the above, a reporter challenged Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today on the logic of not releasing torture photos because they would endanger the troops but allowing the firing of Arabic linguists, like Dan Choi, who would presumably protect the troops.


Cases of gay Arabic linguists being dismissed from Iraq have been around forever but I’m glad the mainstream media is really biting into it this time.

Via JMG.

Jim Cramer On “Daily Show” Brawl, Jon Stewart

March 20, 2009

CNBC’s Jim Cramer finally commented on his confrontation with Jon Stewart while speaking with Meredith Viera (am I the only one who loves her?) on the Today show:

I think some of Cramer’s points are fair but I also think he slightly skews  (misses?) the fundamentals of Jon’s argument. I think Tucker Carlson’s criticism of the showdown was probably a better defense of Cramer than what Cramer came up with.

“Basic Cable Personality Clash ’09” [Updated]

March 11, 2009

It continues (hilariously)…

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Update: Jim Cramer will appear on “The Daily Show” Thursday night. (Jon’s totally going to win this one.)

Jon Stewart Destroys Rick Santelli, CNBC

March 5, 2009

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Note to self: don’t cancel on Jon Stewart.

Time Magazine: How To Save Your Newspaper

February 10, 2009

While it used to seem like the death knell was only sounding for print newspapers, it’s recently become clear that magazines and books are also hurting (e.g., HarperCollins just dumped Collins).  Former editor of Time magazine Walter Isaacson currently has a cover story in his old magazine optimistically titled, “How To Save Your Newspaper.

Mr. Isaacson essentially argues that the notion that began print media’s move to the internet – that content on the internet should be free – must be abandoned. It was originally thought that this content could be supported through ad revenue but not only is this not sustainable, as we’re now discovering, it creates a relationship where the creator is tied to the interests of the advertisers instead of the reader. Mr. Isaac says that online readers need to start paying piecemeal for content they want, like they do on iTunes. During his interview with Jon Stewart, Jon suggests that newspapers adopt a radio or cable model, where the aggregators (Drudge Report, Daily Beast, this blog), pay a fee to the creator to “rebroadcast” their content and the user pays a fee to have access to the aggregator’s content (like when you pay a fee to your cable company to get all of Viacom’s stations).

The Wall Street Journal still charges for all of it’s online content and the Old Grey Lady recently announced they may go back to charging for some or all online content after previously abondoning a fee for select content.

It’s clear something has to be done to save quality writing and journalism, as noted during the Daily Show interview (paraphrased), ‘somebody’s gotta pay to send journalists to Iraq.

SourcesHow To Save Your Newspaper (Time Magzine); Walter Isaacson on The Daily Show.