“Family Guy” Tackles “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

March 27, 2009

As should be clear by now, I’m a huge “Family Guy” fan and as I recently admitted, I’m also kind of a huge “Star Trek: The Next Generation” fan. SO, as you can imagine, I’m pretty excited for Sunday’s “Family Guy” episode, where the Griffin family attends a Star Trek convention and Stewie later kidnaps the cast.

Nine of the original cast members, including Patrick Stewart – lent their voices to the episode (is there anyone they didn’t get?).

Fox has posted a 2-minute preview clip, which also includes interview snippets with creator Seth MacFarlane:

Sure, there’s the potential for a lot alienating inside jokes but who cares – I’ll get them and I’ll love it.

Trivia: Patrick Stewart has lent his voice to the show before, mostly notably for one of my favorite quotes ever:  (Stewart speaking to Lois about a mess he made in the bathroom) “Lois, my post-sex pee stream forked in half and got everywhere.” I think of that quote – in Stewart’s voice –  everytime I, well, you get the idea…

News Corp. Turns Up The 21st Century Marketing

March 9, 2009

I can’t find anything in the news about this but you may remember me being impressed on Friday that Fox had released via their official YouTube channel a 55-second clip from the Family Guy episode that was to air two days later.

The clip was hilarious and I have to admit that it totally worked: I learned that I was interested in the episode’s topic (gays) and it reminded me to tune in at 9:00 PM on Sunday for an episode that, based on the clip, was going to be especially hilarious.

Then today, I receive an e-mail from “MySpace Video” asking if I had watched last night’s Family Guy. At first I found this weird  slash creepy since a) I haven’t been on MySpace in ages and b) MySpace didn’t know I had embedded the clip on my blog and had actually been ‘all about’ last night’s episode.

But then I remembered that my MySpace profile surely lists “Family Guy” as one of my favorite shows and that the e-mail was probably automatically generated in response to that data. I also remembered that both MySpace and the Fox Network, on which Family Guy airs, are owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

Pretty slick, huh? Well, it gets better.

But first to review: Fox releases to the web viral promotional videos of Family Guy to create interest in the upcoming episode and the series in general; in case that fails, they then mine data on MySpace to target self-described fans (the perfect target audience) and get them to watch the episode  they may have missed online at MySpace Video-On-Demand, which is hosted by Hulu, which is owned by none other than – wait for it – News Corp.

Family Guy: Peter Griffin Gets The Gay Gene

March 6, 2009

From Sunday’s upcoming episode:


Thanks, JMG (and Fox for embracing 21st century media!).

Family Guy Takes On Christian Bale

February 20, 2009

I know the Christian “I’m a very serious actor doing very serious Shakespeare-level work on this sure-to-win-an-Oscar Terminator sequel” Bale flip out is old news but Family Guy took their stab on Sunday.  Here’s the un-bleeped version (audio NSFW) in case you missed it:

Also: Christian Bale Rant; Christian Bale Rant Remix; Christian Bale Rant vs Sully The Hero Pilot; Christian Bale Takes David To The Dentist; Mai Shi Original Song “R U Professional” with Christian Bale Vocals. (God the internet is ridiculous sometimes…)

Family Guy: 72 Virgins

January 29, 2009

It does raise a valid point…  😉

Family Guy: Housekeeping?

January 20, 2009

After Peter discovers he is an illegal Mexican immigrant, he is forced to take a job that ‘only hires immigrants.’  For some reason this video totally kills me.