WaPo: White House Looks To Include Same-Sex Unions In Census Count

June 19, 2009

pride-flag-verticalI first wrote back in March about the Census’s plan not to count any same-sex unions/marriages in 2010 – even if they are legal in the citizens’ home state – because DOMA defines marriage as a union between opposite-sex individuals.

But Obama has apparently decided to throw the angry gay community another bone.

The Washington Post reports today:

The administration has directed the Census Bureau to determine changes needed in tabulation software to allow for same-sex marriage data to be released early in 2011 with other detailed demographic information from the decennial count. The bureau historically hasn’t released same-sex marriage data.

The article further notes that the Census has “long” collected data on same-sex unions but simply refused to publish it, again citing complying with DOMA as the deciding factor.

I’m not sure how that can be true since the little understanding I have of it is simply that gay couples would be registered as “unmarried couples,” which does nothing to distinguish them from straight couples who chose not to marry.

It would be nice to have government produced numbers on gay couples since it would provide some good data on the number of people the government is discriminating against.

Needless to say, whatever numbers they do produce (if they produce them at all), are bound to be controversial.

2010 Census To Gays: You Are Not Married, You Are Not A Family

March 9, 2009

pride-flag-verticalFurther highlighting the need for Federal-level recognition of gay unions/marriages, gay married couples in Massachusettes and Vermont (the only two states where gay marriage is permitted) will not be reported as such because the Defense of Marriage Act that Clinton signed in 1996 does not recognize unions sanctioned only on the state level. Instead, these couples will be counted as “unmarried partners,” since, to the Federal government, that’s all they are.

Furthermore, “same-sex couples with children will not be categorized as ‘families‘ on the census. Children will be counted as belonging to single parents, those ‘unmarried partners.'”

US Census SpokesDouche Cynthia Endo added, This is all about the numbers. This not about lifestyle or anything else.” And by numbers, she doesn’t mean accurate numbers, just numbers.

Acknowledging that we exists is, of course, the first step on that dangerously slippery slope of giving us rights.

Source: Contra Costa Times, via Towleroad.