Cash For (American) Clunkers

August 27, 2009

Top “Clunker” Trade-Ins

usa flag thumbnail 1. Ford Explorer
usa flag thumbnail 2. Ford F-150 Pickup (2WD)
usa flag thumbnail 3. Jeep Grand Cherokee
usa flag thumbnail 4. Ford Explorer
usa flag thumbnail 5. Dodge Caravan/Gr. Caravan
usa flag thumbnail 6. Jeep Cherokee
usa flag thumbnail 7. Chevrolet Blazer
usa flag thumbnail 8. Chevrolet C1500 pickup
usa flag thumbnail 9. Ford F-150 (4WD)
usa flag thumbnail 10. Ford Windstar

Top Sellers

japan flag thumbnail 1. Toyota Corolla
japan flag thumbnail 2. Honda Civic
japan flag thumbnail 3. Toyota Camry
usa flag thumbnail 4. Ford Focus
south korea flag thumbnail 5. Hyundai Elantra
japan flag thumbnail 6. Nissan Versa
japan flag thumbnail 7. Toyota Prius
japan flag thumbnail 8. Honda Accord
japan flag thumbnail 9. Honda Fit
usa flag thumbnail 10. Ford Escape

Well done, Japanese!


Chevrolet Volt Receives Whopping 230 MPG City Rating

August 11, 2009

Chevrolet Volt


The rating, based on methodology drafted by the Environmental Protection Agency, would make the Volt the most fuel-efficient vehicle on the road, although other manufacturers have not revealed the gas mileage for their electric models. The rating assumes that city driving would be done almost entirely on the battery charge. (NY Times)

Overall – with city and highway numbers combined – the Volt is still expected to hit a triple digit rating, said GM.

The mileage calculation is based upon data that 80% of drivers do not drive more than 40 miles in the average day and that the Volt’s electric battery can power the car for 40 miles before the small gasoline engine even turns on.  Thus, the car receives a sky-high MPG rating because you’re essentially averaging the unlimited mileage you get on trips under 40 miles on battery with the (gasoline) mileage you receive on the infrequent 40+ mile trips.

Chevrolet was definitely smart for aiming for that 40 mile benchmark for their electric battery as it significantly tilts the math of the EPA’s calculations in their favor.  And while the article does note that other manufacturers haven’t published the MPG ratings for their electric cars, Chevrolet still steals the show as being the first mainstream company associated with triple digit fuel efficiency.

GM has committed to begin mass production in November 2010 (i.e., 14 months (!) from now) for release as a 2011 year model. The company has said it’s aiming to price the Volt to be “less than $30,000 but first versions might be closer to $40,000.”

More: Photos | NY Times article | GM’s Volt site

New York International Auto Show Opens Today

April 10, 2009
nissan-zNissan Z mb-e-classMercedes-Benz E-Class

The show runs April 10-19.

BMW’s X6 M (yes, the M’ed the X’es) will make it’s debut, as well as the new Camaro and redesigned versions of the BMW Z4, Nissan Z, and a new MB E-Class* (!).

*I’ve always loved the E-Class but I’m not sure how excited I am about this one… check the full gallery.

Geneva Auto Show (Thankfully) Ignores Economy

March 5, 2009
aston-martin-one-77The Aston Martin One-77
Photo: Sandro Campardo/European Pressphoto Agency
infinity-essenceInfiniti Essence
Photo: Martial Trezzini/European Pressphoto Agency

The NY Times has a slide show and article about the always-exotic show.

The LA Times has a more extensive slide show, including this beauty:

bugatti-bleu-centenaireBugatti Bleu Centenaire
Photo: Martial Trezzini/Associated Press