RNC Chairman Michael Steele On Abortion, Gay Marriage… And Fashion? [Updated]

March 12, 2009

Michael SteeleGQ has fascinating and at times bizarre interview with RNC Chairman Michael Steele (AKA Rush’s bitch) that is sure to raise some eyebrows in Republican and religious circles.

On abortion:

Are you saying you think women have the right to choose abortion?
Yeah. I mean, again, I think that’s an individual choice.

You do?
Yeah. Absolutely.

Are you saying you don’t want to overturn Roe v. Wade?
I think Roe v. Wade—as a legal matter, Roe v. Wade was a wrongly decided matter.

Okay, but if you overturn Roe v. Wade, how do women have the choice you just said they should have?
The states should make that choice. That’s what the choice is. The individual choice rests in the states. Let them decide.

On The Gays:

Do you think homosexuality is a choice?
Oh, no. I don’t think I’ve ever really subscribed to that view, that you can turn it on and off like a water tap. Um, you know, I think that there’s a whole lot that goes into the makeup of an individual that, uh, you just can’t simply say, oh, like, “Tomorrow morning I’m gonna stop being gay.” It’s like saying, “Tomorrow morning I’m gonna stop being black.”

That answer is, of course, huge coming from the black leader of the Republican leader. The (black) religious right loves to say that “gay ≠ black” as a justification for not giving us civil rights or even allowing us to draw parallels between the struggles.

Interestingly, these were Steele’s comments on gay marriage:

Well, my position is, hey, look, I have been, um, supportive of a lot of my friends who are gay in some of the core things that they believe are important to them. You know, the ability to be able to share in the information of your partner, to have the ability to—particularly in times of crisis—to manage their affairs and to help them through that as others—you know, as family members or others—would be able to do. I just draw the line at the gay marriage. And that’s not antigay, no. Heck no! It’s just that, you know, from my faith tradition and upbringing, I believe that marriage—that institution, the sanctity of it—is reserved for a man and a woman. That’s just my view. And I’m not gonna jump up and down and beat people upside the head about it, and tell gays that they’re wrong for wanting to aspire to that, and all of that craziness. That’s why I believe that the states should have an opportunity to address that issue.

So you think it’s a state issue?
Absolutely. Just as a general principle, I don’t like mucking around with the Constitution. I’m sorry, I just don’t. I think, you know, in a pluralistic, dynamic society as the one that we have, every five years you can have a constitutional convention about something, you know? I don’t think we should be, you know, dancing around and trying to amend it every time I’ve got a social issue or a political issue or a business issue that I want to get addressed. Having said that, I think that the states are the best laboratory, the best place for those decisions to be made, because they will then reflect the majority of the community in which the issue is raised. And that’s exactly what a republic is all about.

Because he’s sensitive to the needs of aren’t-allowed-to-get-married gay couples but believes in the so-called sancity of marriage, you’d think he’d support civil unions, right? Well, you should remember that only a short time ago, Steele called civil unions “crazy.”

Other things the amazing interview covers? Steele’s times in the priesthood and the gays that resided there, his love of red carpet fashion, his being snubbed by then-Senator Obama, whether he would have his current job if he were white, his plans to bring hip-hop to the Republican party, and of course, Rush.

Definitely read the full interview. Highly recommended (if for no other reason than for someone to tell me if I’m the only one that thinks he came off a bit queeny).

Update: The New York Times has a follow-up statement from Steele as well as reactions from various conservatives, including Mike Huckabee.

Let’s Play “Who Do You Excommunicate?”

March 9, 2009

On today’s episode:

– A nine-year-old girl weighing 80 pounds, who was raped and impregnated by her step father and is now carrying twins. Doctors say she will not survive the child birth and receives an abortion.

Now, who do you excommunicate from the Catholic church?

A) The girl’s mother, who authorized the abortion
B) The girl’s doctors, who performed the abortion
C) The girl’s step father, who raped and impregnated his nine year old step daughter

If your answers were “A” and “B,” you must be regional Brazilian archbishop José Cardoso Sobrinho who authorized the excommunications or senior Vatican official Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, who defended the excommunications!

Why is the step father still a welcome member of the Catholic church, you ask?

Because “the crime [the step father] is alleged to have committed, although deplorable, was not as bad as ending a fetus’s life.”

What is wrong with these people?!

More: NY Times / CBC

Thanks to Dan Savage at Slog.

Father at 13!!!

February 13, 2009

Holy fucking shit what a clusterfuck:

Thirteen-year-old Alfie Patten, “who looks about eight” and whose voice has not yet broken and is just FOUR FEET TALL, just became a father after a single instance of unprotected sex with his 15-year-old “girlfriend” Chantelle Steadman.

Lee Thompson

Photo: Lee Thompson


There is not enough bold and CAPS in the world for that paragraph slash can we discuss Chantelle’s apparent interest in boys who look like… little boys!?!?

And you know it’s coming: Chantelle lives with her mom, her unemployed dad, and her five brothers… on government assistance.

Nevertheless, the fundies are thrilled about the awesome life this child is doomed destined to live:

“[…] Michaela Aston, of the anti-abortion Christian charity LIFE, said: “We commend these teenagers for their courage in bringing their child into the world.  At the same time this is symptomatic of the over-sexualisation of our youngsters and shows the policy of value-free sex education just isn’t working.”

Yes, if it weren’t for the media, poor Alfie wouldn’t even know he had a penis.

SHOCKINGLY, this birth doesn’t break any British records:

Britain’s youngest known father is Sean Stewart. He became a dad at 12 when the girl next door, 15-year-old Emma Webster, gave birth in Sharnbrook, Bedford, in 1998.

The whole story (with more adorable creepy photos!) here.

Obama’s Story As Anti-Abortion Ad?

January 23, 2009

Great coverage at Slog.

Sigh, only the Catholics…