Opening Today: “District 9”

district_9_movie_poster“District 9” promos (trailer below) have been playing in pretty heavy rotation (not to mention the viral marketing) – and I don’t know about you – but it struck me as something that would be totally mindless, stupid eye candy.

However, reviews are starting to suggest otherwise. For example:

From the New York Observer‘s review titled, “District 9 Blew My Mind“:

Consider District 9 to be the anti–G.I. Joe. […] District 9 was made on a relatively lean budget ($30 million), with no well-known actors and a 29-year-old director named Neill Blomkamp (who? Exactly.) And yet, District 9 is the most exciting science fiction movie to come along in ages; definitely the most thrilling film of the summer; and quite possibly the best film I’ve seen all year.

Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly called the film, “madly original, cheekily 
 political, [and] altogether exciting” before bestowing it with a rare “A” grade.

And A.O. Scott writing in The New York Times:

““District 9” subtly shifts from speculative science fiction to zombie bio-horror and then, less subtly, turns into an escape-action-chase movie full of explosions, gunplay and vehicular mayhem. In the midst of it all you almost take for granted the carefully rendered details of the setting, the tightness of the editing and the inventiveness of the special effects. Not the least of these are the aliens themselves, who are made expressive and soulful without quite being anthropomorphized.”

More reviews at Rotten Tomatoes, where it holds a perfect, 100% Top Critics’ Score!


One Response to Opening Today: “District 9”

  1. Larry Ohio says:

    I’m sold! We’ll check it out tomorrow.

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