Television: Literally Life And Death

Wallace Souza (AP/Antonio Menezes)

Wallace Souza (AP/Antonio Menezes)

Remember how everyone was always asking Peter Parker how he got such good photos of Spider-Man?

Well, a TV host of a real crime TV show in Brazil has attracted the attention of the police because of the uncanny ability of his show and its camera crews to beat the police to scene of murder after grizzly murder.  All the exclusive footage made for great television ratings but became increasingly suspect.

Now, the police are accusing the host, Wallace Souza, and his son with commissioning the murders for ratings and to buttress Wallace’s claim that the region is plagued by violent crime. Why is this claim important? Because Wallace is a state legislator, of course.

Oh, but it gets better.

Police are accusing the father-son team of commissioning five homicides. How were these poor chaps selected, you ask?! The victims were potential competitors in Souza’s drug trafficking racket.

RE-FUCKING-DICULOUS (and I’m sure the Law & Order episode is being written as you read this).

Souza the son is currently in jail; Souza the father is free due to the immunity given to him as a lawmaker. (Good policy!)  Both deny their charges.

The full story – including an interesting history of Souza’s career – here.


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