Today In Ridiculous, Ignorant Bullshit

– Man disrupts town hall meeting by protesting Obama’s health care reform
– Man gets into a fight with pro-reform individuals, is injured
– Man is now taking donations to cover his medical costs


Because he was recently laid off and consequently LOST HIS INSURANCE.

Source, via Slog.


2 Responses to Today In Ridiculous, Ignorant Bullshit

  1. dhydar says:


    The guy was selling flags outside… how is that “disrupt” anything?

    An SEIU astroturf gang give him a beat-down, so he asks for help from well-wishers. What’s wrong with that?

    Who cares if doesn’t have insurance? If he was willing to pay for it himself or ask for freely-given help from friends and well-wishers… why is that an issue?

  2. Mark says:

    I just find it ironic that a man who does not have health insurance would protest against a system that would provide him with health insurance.

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