Frankmusik Releases Debut Album “Complete Me”

frankmusik complete meFrankmusik released his highly-anticipated debut album “Complete Me” in the UK on Monday and I’m sharing three of the tracks!

The album was produced by Mr. Stuart Price (Madonna, The Killers), although the deluxe edition comes with a second CD that was mixed by Frankmusik himself and contains many of the same tracks.

I was able to listen to all but one track of the album during my morning commute and it’s a fun little album.  Most of tracks don’t go much past the 3-minute mark and have a fun, upbeat, lush-pop feeling to them.

Recommended for fans of Mika and/or Patrick Wolf.

Frankmusik – 3 Little Words

Frankmusik – Gotta Boyfriend?

Frankmusik – When You’re Around

I couldn’t find a US release date for “Complete Me”, soooo….


Frankmusik – Rehab (Amy Winehouse Cover)

Frankmusik – Better Off As Two




One Response to Frankmusik Releases Debut Album “Complete Me”

  1. halcyonskies says:

    Thank you for posting this! Haha, I’m new to WordPress but I just decided to search my favorite act/singer… Here he is :3

    Can ya please tell me when it comes out in the US? I’m dying to get a listen to Wonderwoman.

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