Opening Today: “In The Loop”

This movie somehow completely escaped me:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Awl collected some choice reviews:

New York Daily News: “It would be a perfectly respectable use of this space to do nothing more than rave about the collected works of British television genius Armando Iannucci. However, then we wouldn’t have room to laud his first foray into film, which happens to be one of the sharpest satires in years.”

New York Times: “The plot is as intricate and elegant as a computer circuit board, though at times it looks more like a tangle of crossed wires. The short summary is that everybody betrays everybody else, that opportunism trumps idealism and that telling the truth is a matter of tactical calculation rather than ethical imperative…. The audience, meanwhile, is likely to die laughing. While ‘In the Loop’ is a highly disciplined inquiry into a very serious subject, it is also, line by filthy line, scene by chaotic scene, by far the funniest big-screen satire in recent memory.”

Boston Globe
: “‘In the Loop’ is that rare film utterly without heroes; instead, it amasses a group of boobs, users, and charlatans on both sides of the Atlantic and asks us to recognize our duly elected and appointed officials. You’ll laugh until you bleed, or vice versa.”

Los Angeles Times
: “Violently verbose and startlingly impolite, with shovelfuls of obscenities, “In the Loop” is the most savage, biting political satire on the big screen in years.”

And finally, the Guardian, noting the UK release of the DVD: “This is so far ahead of other current comedies that I had more laughs from the 27 minutes of deleted scenes than any other full-length movie this year.”

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More: Rotten Tomatoes (93%!) | Trailer Addict (Clips, additional trailers, and deleted scenes)


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