Track-By-Track Review Of Whitney Houston’s New Album

whitney-houston i look to youClay Cane at the BET blog “Entertainment Spotlight” has a brief track-by-track review of Whitney’s new album, as presented at a listening party last night (“the tracks are still being polished.”)

The review isn’t gushing but the reviewer was definitely impressed with what he heard:

Overall, the nine tracks that were played received a good response. The album definitely has the potential to be a hit.  For Whitney, there is no such thing as a “comeback” — icons “don’t call it a comeback,” they just jump back in the game whenever they are ready.  One thing I do know is no one should expect 1985 Whitney.  Artists evolve and it’s limiting when we trap performers in a particular box or era.  The best piece about the tracks is that Whit has some grit to her voice, her vocals are still strong but she doesn’t mind getting a bit nasty with it.  While the album isn’t finished, I believe folks will be pleasantly surprised.

His full review here.

The album, “I Look To You”, drops September 1.


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