Opening Today: “Bruno”; “Humpday”; “The Hurt Locker”

bruno-movie-poster Humpday_(2009)_movie_poster the hurt locker poster

After what seems like years of promotion, Bruno finally opens today and will surely spark many, many conversation among the gays and non-gays. I didn’t like Borat and I’ll probably also wait for Bruno to hit DVD instead of spending $12.50 on it. (More: NYT Review).

Humpday also sees a wide release today – you may remember my review from last week – and I highly recommend it: it’s a surefire win.

If you’re not in the mood for a comedy, definitely check out “The Hurt Locker, which also opens wide today. While it’s set in the Iraq war, it is by no means an “Iraq war movie” (a genre I have little interest in). Great action, great suspense, and great film making.

Definitely a good weekend for movies.


2 Responses to Opening Today: “Bruno”; “Humpday”; “The Hurt Locker”

  1. AC says:

    i haven’t seen this

  2. Ariel Canonigo says:

    is this good?

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