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The Williamsbugh (sic) Savings Bank tower at sunset. Click pic to enlarge. Located at 1 Hanson Place on the edge of the Fort Greene (not Williamsburg) neighborhood of Brooklyn, it is the tallest building in the borough at 37 stories/512 feet. The top floors have been recently been converted to condos, including 2,300 square-foot full-floor penthouses directly below the clock; here’s a marketing shot from the building’s website:

one hanson place

As you can see, even a view from the building’s lowest converted floor – the 18th – would still yield pretty great city views.

Trivia: The lack of any tall neighbors means the hands on the building’s four clock faces were subjected to brutal and unchecked wind, which usually meant all four faces of the clock would display a different time. As part of the renovation/conversion contract, the giant hands were to be redesigned to withstand the winds they faced. Perhaps eager to show off their new achievement, the designers lined the hands with awful red lights that are far brighter than any of the building’s other exterior lighting. Oh, and sometimes they still display the wrong time.


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