Why I Love New York, Part 35,042

moon movie-posterSaturday evening Brad and I went to see a screening of “Moon.”  We got there 30 minutes early, which was good because virtually all the seats were eventually taken.  I assumed the high turnout was because the Sunshine was the only theater showing it below 42nd Street and because the weather was so crap-tastic but the real reason was probably what was revealed just before the previews ran: the film’s director would be holding a Q & A immediately following the credits.


I assume that this had been advertised but I was one of the lucky people to just stumble into it.

As I mentioned here before, I was excited for Moon and definitely thought it was an interesting picture with a lot of good ideas.  It wasn’t perfect but definitely spurred some good conversation.  Definitely an amazing debut for writer/director Duncan Jones and a very strong performance from Sam Rockwell, who is often the only actor on camera for film’s 97 minutes.

“Moon” is currently on limited release in NY and LA; I couldn’t find a date for a wide release (if there is one). Jones jokingly slash half-seriously described Sony Classic’s marketing plan as “word of mouth.”

Trivia: Duncan Jones is David Bowie’s son.


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