Teen Claims Tattoo Artist Gave Her 53 More Face Tattoos Than She Asked For

tattoo stars

Love the "Sexy" belt, Kim!

File this under “WTF.”

Eighteen-year-old Kimberley Vlaminck recently went to a tattoo parlor in her hometown of Courtrai, Belgium. Kimberley explained that she wanted three stars tattooed next to her eye but the Romanian tattoo artist did not understand her French or English. Not to be deterred from making a horrible, trashy, and irreversible decision by the tattoo artist’s mere inability to understand her, Kimberley went forward with the procedure.

Unfortunately for her, Kimberley allegedly fell asleep while being tattooed.  Yes, her face was being tattooed and she claims she FELL ASLEEP.

When little Kimberley woke up, she discovered 56 stars on her face, not the requested 3.


Kimberley is now suing the tattoo artist, who says that Kimberley looked at his work mid-procedure and was fine with it and only concocted this story once her parents and boyfriend saw what she had done. (Um, yeah, that sounds much more likely than “I fell asleep while getting my face tattooed.”)

The tattoos could be removed with lasers but would leave deep white marks across Kimberley’s face.

Sucks to be Kimberley.



6 Responses to Teen Claims Tattoo Artist Gave Her 53 More Face Tattoos Than She Asked For

  1. ace says:

    I think the girl is a liar. I find it hard to believe that a tattooist would do something like that against a person’s will. How can someone even fall asleep and not feel the tattoo being performed? That just doesn’t make any sense to me.

  2. grace says:

    “Oh sorry, I just dozed off there for a bit while you were sticking needles into my face.”

  3. […] this girl?  The girl who said she fell asleep while her face was being tattooed and the tattoo artist […]

  4. mandy says:

    fucking lying cunt

  5. nikita says:

    i almost fell asleep getting my lower back tattood but the guy that did mine was a family mate and i didnt feel it till it hit my tail bone and spine….. but he was slow and gentle it took ova 4 hrs to do but well worth it it looks great

  6. Broderick says:

    I think it looks cool

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