New York City To Require Sixth Area Code

By late 2011, we’ll have used up 212, 646, 718, 347, and 917. Daaamn.

Officials are now trying to determine whether to introduce a city-wide area code (currently, 917 is the only area code that serves all five boroughs) or an area code just for the outer boroughs, which are currently served by 718 and 347 (212 and 646 serve Manhattan exclusively).

A new five-borough area code is expected to last until 2017.


PS: Remember the “Seinfeld” where Elaine gets a 646 number and no one believes its a real number?

MAN: You’re probably one of those women who doesn’t like to give out her number.
ELAINE: No, I’m not. Here you go.
MAN: 646?
ELAINE: It’s a new area code.
MAN: What area? New Jersey?
ELAINE: No, no. It’s right here in the city. It’s the same as 212. They just multiplied it by 3, and then they added one to the middle number. It’s the same.
MAN: Do I have to dial a one first?
Elaine nods and the man crumples up her number.
MAN: I’m really kinda seein’ somebody.
ELAINE: Yeah? Well, so am I!



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