Would You Pay $1550/Month For 210 Square Feet?

Well, 32-year-old Kevin Patterson does, but I assume it’s worth it because he lives in the hip/desirable/swank neighborhood of… the Upper West Side?

Kevin said that he moved into this jail cell walk-in closet from a place that was “four or five” times as big and his creative masochism decorating just won him top honors from Apartment Therapy in the “Teeny Tiny” division.

I swear to god if I’m 32 years old and paying $1550 a month for a 210-sqaure-foot studio, my friends better smack some serious sense into me.

Here are some pics:

kevin patterson apt from_doorwayFrom doorway. kevin patterson apt from_windowFrom window.

Click the above to enlarge.

The innovations (he mounted a mop to the rear of that mirror, for example), more pics, and the floor plan are here.

Via Gothamist.


One Response to Would You Pay $1550/Month For 210 Square Feet?

  1. Dark Horse says:

    Apartment Therapy used to be rather interesting and informative until they got caught up in trying to out-tiny each other, or bragging about who paid the most for a shitty 1950’s chair.

    This apartment is ridiculous.

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