New York Assembly Passes Gay Marriage Bill

daniel-odonnellThe outcome was not surprising but the path was: the bill received support from five Republicans and several members who voted against the bill in 2007.

Much of the bill’s support can be linked to the work of the Assembly’s first openly gay member, Manhattan’s Daniel O’Donnell. The Times ran a brief profile of him yesterday and described his tenacious, aggressive, and sometimes flirtatious approach to gaining his fellow colleague’s support.

One of his targets was Assemblyman Greg Ball:

He stopped Mr. Ball’s parents while they were visiting the Capitol, and asked them to urge their son to back the measure. He cornered Mr. Ball in a statehouse elevator, and taunted him: vote for same-sex marriage, or you won’t get invited to my engagement party.

Mr. O’Donnell has even told Mr. Ball, a square-jawed former Air Force captain, that he was “the best looking guy in the Assembly, and he owed it to the gays to vote yes.”

“Did I think that overt flirtation was going to get Greg Ball to vote yes?” Mr. O’Donnell recalled. “Didn’t know. But I was going to try.”

And, since I know you want it: here’s a photo of Greg Ball (and yes, he’s handsome).

To read more of Daniel O’Donnell’s profile go here. More on the Assembly’s vote here.

No date has been set for when the Senate will tackle the bill.


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