Not For The Superstitious: The Titanic II


To mark the 100th anniversary of the doomed ocean liner, a UK company is chartering a cruise vessel – the Balmoral – to recreate the Titanic’s 1912 voyage. Well, except for the sinking part. (Hopefully.)

[The Balmoral] will carry 1,309 passengers – the same number that sailed on the fateful voyage – on the same route as the Titanic, […] and, on April 14, it will arrive at the exact location the vessel sank some 100 years before, where there will be a special memorial ceremony between 11.40pm (when the ship hit the iceberg) and 2.20am on April 15 (when the ship sank).

Sounds like a rockin’ time!

The food, music, dancing, and other entertainment will all be historically accurate and will be complimented by historians who specialize in the stories and the period of the Titanic.

Fortunately, they’re not keeping the prices historically accurate: the most expensive one-way ticket on the Titanic would go for $80,000 when adjusted for inflation but top-tier Balmoral tickets will go for just over $12,000.

They are going to confine all the dirty Micks to third class, however, so that’s nice.

And just in case you weren’t impressed by the awesomeness of the Titanic, get this little nugget:

Despite being built in 1988, the Balmoral is unable to sail as fast as the Titanic and will have to leave Southampton earlier than the Titanic did so that it can reach the spot where she sank on the anniversary.


More: Titanic Memorial Cruise; RMS Titanic (on Wikipedia)


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