Macy’s Fourth Of July Fireworks To Move To The Hudson

macys-fourth-of-july-2009Gothamist via NewYorkology is reporting that the 2009 Macy’s Fourth Of July fireworks orgy will be based in the Hudson River – ie, between Manhattan and NJ – to mark the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson sailing up the river.

The barges that launch the fireworks are usually in the East River – ie, between Manhattan and Brooklyn/Queens – although the Hudson was used for the firework’s debut in 1958 and remained there the following year, also, to commemorate the 350th anniversary of Hudson’s journey.

I know I have no right to claim ownership to this celebration but somehow I feel cheated that they’re giving a better view to Jerseyans than to outer borough New Yorkers.

There’s no word on whether this switch is a one-year event or a permanent change, although history would suggest that it will just be for one year.

Celebrating the 400th year since Hudson, an Englishman working for the Dutch, made his journey is apparently part of the larger NY400 celebration. From “the official website of the Government of The Kingdom of The Netherlands for the celebrations of NY400”:

This year we celebrate 400 years of enduring friendship between the Netherlands and the United States. Four hundred years ago, a Dutch ship called the Half Moon guided to the shores of what is now New York City with Captain Henry Hudson at the helm. This led to the establishment of New Amsterdam and the New Netherland colony. Some 167 years later, in 1776, the Dutch were the first to salute the flag of the United States of America. NY400 celebrates the free spirit, openness, entrepreneurship and tolerance of those Dutch-American pioneers, and their continued relevance today and beyond.

Who knew we were such butt buddies with the Dutch?! Haven’t they heard that we invaded Iraq without provocation?!


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