The Sears Tower “Ledge” – Not For Acrophobics


The above is an artist’s rendering of a new attraction that will be added to the Sears Tower’s observation deck in June.

“The Ledge” is made of three layers of half-inch glass and will be coded to hold up to five tons.

Contrary to the impression the image gives, the ledge will only extend 4.3 feet out from the building, but I think that will be plenty, since you’ll have a completely unobstructed view to the Chicago street 1,353 feet (103 stories) below.

I’ve seen observation decks with glass floor tiles that are pretty disturbing and recently the Skywalk opened at the Grand Canyon. The Skywalk is 4,000 feet up from the rocky canyon floor but I think being 1,353 feet above a city and to be able to literally turn around and look at the outside of a skyscraper is way more terrifying.

More at the Chicago Sun-Times


2 Responses to The Sears Tower “Ledge” – Not For Acrophobics

  1. georges says:

    beautiful picture, but painful at the same time, at least for me!!!

  2. Blogger Mandiri…

    […]The Sears Tower “Ledge” – Not For Acrophobics « Play Happy.[…]…

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