KFC & PETA Battle To Fix Your Potholes

colonel-kfc-petaKFC recently donated $3,000 to it’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky to have potholes across the city fixed. There was one condition though: the fixed potholes would be covered with a white, non-permanent chalk advertising that it was “Refreshed by KFC.”

The city jumped at the offer and the potholes were filled in and the advertisements chalked on.

kfc-petaPETA then got wind of the deal and offered Louisville $6,000ie, twice KFC’s offer – to fill in potholes and have them covered with their “logo” (right).

Needless to say, Louisville turned down PETA’s $6,000, saying:

KFC is a great corporate citizen of ours. They employ lots of people in our town. They do great things for our hometown and we’re glad to work with them on this pothole program. But PETA, ummm … not so much.

Now Chicago is talking about an adopt-a-pothole program but is throwing around price tags upward of $50 million.

More at the Times
PETA: KentuckyFriedCruelty


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