Vassar, Oh, Vassar


I love my alma mater, I really do, but I definitely cringed when I recently learned that my beloved school is home to an all-whistling a capella group. (Could we be more geeky?)

Unfortunately, that tiny thorn in my somewhat private side has become a sequoia in my nationally televised eye because the group – AirCapella – will appear on America’s Got Talent in June. Oh joy.

On the upshot, however, is the news that Vassar has produced its first Jeopardy! College Championship contestant, first year student (so, he’s class of what? 2021?) Greg Lichtenstein. The College Championship starts Monday, May 4; Greg’s first appearance is on Wednesday, May 6.

More on both appearances via Vassar’s press release.


One Response to Vassar, Oh, Vassar

  1. Jarv says:

    Oh my god, the a capella group cracked me up. P.S. Didn’t they start when we were still there? I swear I’ve heard about them before.

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