Marriage Equality Videos

May 31, 2009

Here are a couple videos put out by Keith Hartman (I have no idea who that is).  They hit on a similar theme – the selective use of Biblical scripture to further your cause – and do so pretty effectively.


May 30, 2009


After starting this blog out of complete boredom on January 7, 2009, I’ve now reached my 500th post!

Thanks everyone for visiting and entertaining my outlet for sanity.  =)


My Current Deskop

May 29, 2009

cimg2176Bridge. London. Click pic to enlarge.

Intimidation Fail

May 29, 2009


Shameless Pic Of Levi Johnston Shirtless

May 28, 2009

levi johnston

A camo belt with – wait – Carharts?  DILF ALERT!

(Thank you, Dlisted, for cropping-out that unfortunately-present baby thing.)

More, and the original, at GQ.

Houston The “Bottomiest” City

May 28, 2009

The guys at The Sword (NSFW) sent Joe My God their analysis of M4M ads by city on Craigslist.


craigslist tops bottoms dataDon’t worry, Houston!  I’m coming!

Gillette Teaches Men How To Shave Their Groin

May 28, 2009

Um, apparently they’ll do anything if it might sell a damn razor.

PS: Looking  like a 10-year-old boy is not sexy.