Under The Covers

“Great Things Are Covered” – Anonymous

I’ve been slacking with the music posts recently but I’m gonna try to make up for it with three quality covers today.

Eels – I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man (Live Prince Cover) [Bonus Track] from “With Strings – Live At Town Hall.”

I’m not a huge Prince fan and so I can’t say that I was familiar with this track before I listened to this cover but, if you’re like me, that won’t keep you from enjoying it.

Geri Halliwell – Live And Let Die (Paul McCartney Cover)* from “Lift Me Up.”

This is a somewhat straight-forward interpretation (unlike Duffy’s) but it’s fun nonetheless thanks to the quality of the source material. *Thanks, Sean!

Martha Wainwright – Stormy Weather (Live Judy Garland Cover) from “Rufus Does Judy At Carnegie Hall.”

Stormy Weather is perhaps most famously done by Etta James but Judy Garland also performed it, including during her celebrated one-night-only performance at Carnegie Hall AKA “the greatest night in show business history.” When Rufus Wainwright recreated the night in 2006 (someone’s got cajones!), he had his sister Martha take the stage for one song – and she almost stole the show. As always, Martha’s voice in any given second has more emotion than I experience in an entire year and while I’ll concede that her voice might be an acquired taste, I’d still have to recommend this track.



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