Paterson To Introduce NY Gay Marriage Bill

pride-ny-flags…But don’t hold your breath:

It could take months – even longer – before the bill makes its way through the appropriate committees and onto the floor of the Senate and the Assembly.


The legislation is likely to have an especially long road in the Senate, where more lawmakers oppose same-sex marriage than support it. Gay rights advocates are now actively seeking more senators – both Democrats and Republicans – to vote for the bill.

On the upshot:

The same-sex bill Mr. Paterson plans to introduce is the same piece of legislation that former Gov. Eliot Spitzer introduced in 2007, said Assemblyman Daniel J. O’Donnell. The Assembly passed it 85-61, a wider margin than expected.

Paterson believes – and not everyone agrees with him – that the legislation should be introduced regardless of whether it has the votes to pass because it will demonstrate New York’s commitment to equality.

Of the four states that allow gay marriage – Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Iowa – Iowa is the only one that achieved it through the legislature and not the courts. New Jersey, which offers civil unions, and New York, which recognizes same-sex marriages from other jurisdictions, are being closely watched as the next states to offer full marriage equality on the state level.  Like NJ and NY, Maine also has same-sex marriage legislation currently pending in its legislature.



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