Time Warner Introduces Download Caps For Internet Usage

internet-tubesAnyone that recently read the three-part New York Times blog series on American broadband access knows that most industrialized countries have it cheaper, faster, and more readily available that we do. (LAME.)

If that didn’t get you frustrated enough, Time Warner has introduced more cities to a 40 GB per user cap on all downloading (which will be slow because it’s coming from Time Warner). Unfortunately, Time Warner is the third but also the most stingy to join the capping party: Comcast caps at 250 GB and AT&T at 150 GB.

What’s especially disgusting in the cases of Comcast and Time Warner, both of which are also cable TV companies, is that they are essentially discouraging the downloading of HD video, the largest consumer of bites, via the internet (iTunes, Hulu, YouTube), which pushes the consumer to watch it through – drumroll, please – their cable-company owned, monthly-subscription required, set-top DVR box.


More at Gizmodo.


One Response to Time Warner Introduces Download Caps For Internet Usage

  1. belle6737 says:

    In England a company named NTL also tried consumption based billing. There was such outrage, customers were canceling
    their service with NTL. Within ONE month NTL reversed their new billing policy. If EVERY TW customer effected by this new
    billing scheme cancels their service, then it will hit TW where it truely hurts, their wallets. But it will take everyone biting the bullet and canceling service for it to be effective. Also, a supervisor named Iris Andrews is someone we can all call and complain too about this outrageous change in terms. We spoke to her last night for 30 minutes. Just call 336-584-1383 and get through to a representative, tell them you need to speek to Iris Andrews, and you should be connected shortly. If we dont stand together in this then TW will keep looking for new and inventative ways to charge us for services that we already pay out the wa-zoo for!

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