Today In Freaky Shit: Reborning Dolls

Since I didn’t know either:

A reborn doll is a vinyl baby doll that has been enhanced to resemble a human baby. The process of creating a reborn doll is referred to as reborning.

And by “enhanced,” they don’t mean slapping on some make up. Here is the description of one doll (yes, they’re all named) as written by the creator artist:

Lynsee’s hair is hand-dyed premium mohair in a light brown with blond highlights. It is very soft and straight but can be coaxed into a soft wave. It is painstakingly rooted one or two strands at a time and securely glued on the inside. It can be washed and combed gently. The crown of her head is rooted directionally in the way hair naturally grows. Her coloring is lovely…peaches and cream, lightly blushed in all the right places. Tiny blood vessels and veins are visible in spots where her skin is a little thinner.

Of course, 6-pound 1-ounce “Lynsee” gets less cute when the magnets implanted into her head to hold on her barrette start to fuck with your pacemaker, but otherwise, she’s real cute.

Lynsee Fiona’s “adoption fee” is $250.

Sometimes these dolls are treated as real infants, which increases the Freaky Shit Factor (FSF) by, like, 19 fold. BUT, to their credit, there is some evidence that suggests that holding a doll as if it were a real infant can have the same positive emotional benefits of holding an actual infant. Whatever. Still creepy.

And now the creepy photos!

reborn-taffyTaffy reborn-jessicaJessica
reborn-josieJosie reborn-katieKatie

Click to enlarge (you know you want to)!

All of the above were made by Margie Spry. Check her site here.

Thanks, Jess!


One Response to Today In Freaky Shit: Reborning Dolls

  1. Jarv says:

    Holy shit, you totally informed me! I had only cowered in the face of the photos, but now I know the whole freaky story. Dude. My favorite is Jessica, who looks like a tiny old woman goblin.

    P.S. You can wash and comb their hair? Ugh, no.

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