“Family Guy” Tackles “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

As should be clear by now, I’m a huge “Family Guy” fan and as I recently admitted, I’m also kind of a huge “Star Trek: The Next Generation” fan. SO, as you can imagine, I’m pretty excited for Sunday’s “Family Guy” episode, where the Griffin family attends a Star Trek convention and Stewie later kidnaps the cast.

Nine of the original cast members, including Patrick Stewart – lent their voices to the episode (is there anyone they didn’t get?).

Fox has posted a 2-minute preview clip, which also includes interview snippets with creator Seth MacFarlane:

Sure, there’s the potential for a lot alienating inside jokes but who cares – I’ll get them and I’ll love it.

Trivia: Patrick Stewart has lent his voice to the show before, mostly notably for one of my favorite quotes ever:  (Stewart speaking to Lois about a mess he made in the bathroom) “Lois, my post-sex pee stream forked in half and got everywhere.” I think of that quote – in Stewart’s voice –  everytime I, well, you get the idea…


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