Today In Octomom News: 8 Times The Crazy!

octomom-nadya-sulemanOctomom, who is living off public assistance and the revenues from her ever-frequent television interviews, has fired the free nursing service that was helping care for her kids.

Octomom will instead pay a nursing service, since when you’re  a single mother raising 14 children, you’ve always got some extra cash to throw at a nursing service.

Apparently Octomom was concerned (paranoid) that the free nursing service was spying on her and reporting back to child welfare agencies. Yeah, good mothers who aren’t complete hot messes always have this fear.

So far, the hospital has only released four of the octuplets to her care.

In a new video with RadarOnline, Octomom discusses the octuplets’ father, which she described as a man with whom she has a long-term Platonic relationship with and whom also fathered her other six children.  She stated the father was upset when he learned Octomom was having 8 more children. (Was anyone excited about these kids except for Octo-crazy?)

Octomom has no intention of revealing the man’s identity, however, and that apparently goes for everyone: at one point in the video, the voice of an off-camera child can be heard asking, “What’s his name?” Octomom did not respond.

Trivia: “Octomom” returns 1.75 million hits on Google. Octomom’s real name, Nadya Suleman, returns 633,000. Ouch.


One Response to Today In Octomom News: 8 Times The Crazy!

  1. Laura says:

    This woman deserves to be behind bars! She is living off of the government, my taxes, while I struggle to care for MY family; but she can afford to have a fertility doctor, publicist, botox, her nails done, etc…Give me a break! Whats next, all of her children will receive a free college education? Well I didn’t so neither should they. Hey octomom-get a hobby, one that doesn’t include your vagina, uterus or any other female organ! Or better yet, get a job and pay for all of these kids tha you wanted so bad. I don’t remember asking you to have them, therefore I shouldn’t have to pay for them!

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