Single Clue Jeopardy!

jeopardy_logoAnswer: During heated competition in the 1880’s between Edison General Electric Company, which supported DC current and was founded by Thomas Edison, and Westinghouse Corporation, which supported the superior AC current and was founded by George Westinghouse, Mr. Edison waged a smear campaign against Mr. Westinghouse by demonstrating a public execution of small animals using an AC current and later publicly campaigned for Mr. Westinghouse’s name to be synonymous with this, despite Westinghouse’s vocal opposition to the device.

(Edison would later admit that he knew all along that Westinghouse’s AC current was superior.)

Oh, competition.

The Question (er, answer) after the jump.

Question: What Is The Electric Chair?

“Westinghoused” never really caught on…

Thanks, Jeopardy! That clue made me literally laugh out loud last night.

More on the drama here.


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