Unfortunate Nancy Grace Imagery


Why, Wheel of Fortune, why?!

Via Dlisted.


One Response to Unfortunate Nancy Grace Imagery

  1. michellefrommadison says:

    Has it been confirmed yet that Nancy Grace and her staff are not responsible for the disappearance of Haleigh? It is not likely just a coincidence that after Nancy and her gang trampled all over the area where Caylee Anthony had at least four police searches and all found nothing. Then, all of the sudden Nancy’s ratings are beginning to sag, so CNN trampled all over that exact same area of the police searches, and Wha-La, a body just happens to be “discovered.” Now, Haleigh Cummings is missing from the exact same state-area of the same state? Coincidence, I think not! Personally, with Nancy’s documented mental instabilities which have lead to her inability to being alone with either of her own kids, her documented misconducts, and her alcohol and drug issues may be full-blown on upcoming issues on CNN after her show gets replaced, and Nancy gets more of her needed and CNN-mandated therapies. Why CNN maintains two drunkards like Nancy Grace and Glen Beck is beyond all reasonableness, irregardless of the profits they continue to bank from their sponsors.

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