Maher, Coulter Go Head-To-Head

Photo: Metro

Photo: Metro

Political opposites Bill Maher and Ann Coulter took the stage at Radio City last night to kick off the 2009 Speaker Series.

Metro published some of the night’s best quotes:

COULTER: “A poll of Germans shortly before the election showed they supported Obama by 80 percent over McCain, and we all know how infallible the Germans are in picking great leaders.”

MAHER: “They said [Obama] is a ‘communist,’ ‘anti-American’ … ‘celebrity.’ That was my favorite: ‘He fills stadiums.’ Hey, the Republicans can fill stadiums, like the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina.”

COULTER: “Time magazine got the ball rolling by comparing Obama to Jesus Christ, so I lost a bet – they do know who Jesus Christ is. But as the leader of 12 apostles, even Jesus had more executive experience than Obama did.”

MAHER: “Republicans are the party of greed. They’re greedy and proud of it … Suddenly they’re against debt. Who put two wars on a credit card?”

COULTER: “That’s the end of Obama’s honeymoon with the press: Now he’s not Jesus, he’s just Lincoln. … I forget, how many times did Lincoln vote ‘present’? … Did Lincoln do blow mostly in high school or did he wait until college?”

MAHER: “George Bush did a lot more blow than Obama ever did. … Please don’t boo the only thing I like about him. … Osama bin Laden said one of his goals was to bankrupt America. Sorry, big guy, but someone beat you to it.”

You have to admit that Coulter’s were pretty good…


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