Woman Granted Wish Of Two Eyes For Two Eyes Punishment

ameneh-bahramiYou may remember my post about Ameneh Bahrami, the Iranian woman blinded by an acid attack who was forgoing the typical cash payment for the ancient retribution of ‘an eye for an eye.’

The court approved of her wish in February but has yet to carry out the act. The court originally said that the man would be blinded in only one eye, because in Iran, “each man is worth two women,” but Bahrami recently appealed to the judge that both of her attackers eyes be blinded, because she pointed out that “with one eye one can still live;” Bahrami is totally blind due to the attack. (Note: the article is ambiguous on whether the “each man is worth…” quote comes from the court or Bahrami but I think it’s Bahrami.)

When asked if she was being more cruel than her aggressor (who had the balls to ask that to her face?!), she stated: “He will be anesthetized and will not suffer pain. His face will not be disfigured because only a few drops (of acid) will be needed, he will not have the internal injuries which I had. He did not have any compassion when he waited for me for hours outside of my workplace and threw the acid on me.”



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