The Decemberists’s Colin Meloy On “The Hazards Of Love”

decemberistsBillboard has an interview with The Decemberists’s Colin Meloy and he shines some light on the new album and how to follow-up on the massive success of “The Crane Wife.” Said Meloy: “The album was going to be either quiet and subdued or just way over the top and ostentatious and we went for the latter.”


The article continues:

“The 17-song concept album takes common folk motifs and weaves them into a longform narrative, while dabbling in everything from acoustic interludes to heavy guitar rock. The story concerns the trials and tribulations of Margaret; her lover, William; the queen of a spooky forest; and a rake who interferes in it all.

The term ‘rock opera‘ has already been tossed around to describe it, a description that Meloy doesn’t protest. One reason is because he started working on “Hazards” as a theater piece, not as an album. ‘I like to think of it as a play through voices-something that you would sit and listen to,’ Meloy explains. ‘If you’re going to attach ‘opera’ to it, then it’s more of a ‘folk opera’-from the folk idiom. But then you get in trouble with the deep musical theater traditionalists. It’s sort of an experimental narrative, if anything.'”

“The Hazards Of Love” will be the band’s fifth overall and second major label LP and will drop on March 24. On March 18 , however, the band will play a live show of the album start-to-finish that will be broadcast on NPR stations and streamed on NPR’s web site.

I completely adored “The Crane Wife” and can’t wait for “The Hazards Of Love.”

Source:Hazardous Conditions” (Billboard)
: The Decemberists at Play Happy.


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  1. […] track introduces us to the story’s Margaret but I have to admit, I kinda miss Colin’s voice. Bitchin’ instrumentals, […]

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