NYT: Albany Takes Step To Repeal Rockefeller Drug Laws

drugsNew York’s Assembly has agreed to pass legislation to repeal much of what remains of controversial Rockefeller Drug Laws.

“The Assembly’s proposal restores judges’ discretion in sentencing in many lower-level drug possession crimes. Judges would be able to send many offenders to treatment programs instead of prison without receiving consent from prosecutors. In addition, the measure would permit about 2,000 prisoners to apply to have their sentences reconsidered.”

The Assembly is expected to vote on Wednesday afternoon; it would then move to the Senate and to Gov. Patterson, a vocal proponent of repealing and reforming the laws.

“But before any three-way compromise is reached, several sticking points need to be resolved. Those issues include whether drug offenders who do not complete treatment would be sent to prison and whether offenders would first need to be certified as addicted before they could enter a treatment program.”

In 2004, the legislature modified the Rockefeller Drug Laws to eliminate life sentences for non-violent drug offenses. (Why the fuck would you think that is a good idea?!)

The non-profit group Drop The Rock has been tireless in their efforts to repeal the Rockefeller Drug Laws but faced resistance in the Republican-controlled legislature.

Albany Takes Step To Repeal Rockefeller Drug Laws”  (NYT)


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