Being Gay = Being A Murderer and More GOP Fun!

Republican elephantIn regards to potentially giving the gay partners of employees of the state of Colorado access to their partner’s health benefits (danger!), Sen. Renfroe had this to say:

“I’m not saying this (homosexuality) is the only sin that’s out there,” said Sen. Scott Renfroe, R-Greeley. “We have murder. We have all sorts of sin. We have adultery. And we don’t make laws making those legal, and we would never think to make murder legal.”

Um, you’re a buffoon.

Full story.

Michael SteeleBut wait! There’s more fun GOP news!

On the fast track to become the GOP’s Supreme Douche Nozzle (sorry Cheney), RNC Chairman Michael Steele first said that the GOP should reach out to gays and now he says a compromise like civil unions are “crazy,” stating that marriage is “a founding value of our country.”  Ahh, double-talk.  Towleroad sorts it out and Dan Savage has a suggestion for another “founding value of our country” that Mr. Steele may want to consider defending.


4 Responses to Being Gay = Being A Murderer and More GOP Fun!

  1. mridenhour says:

    Adultery (which is closer to topic than murder) may not be legal, but it’s certainly not illegal, so why gays? Unless the betrayed spouse wants to punish and withhold affection, there’s absolutely no ill fate that befalls an adulterer that’s imposed by fellow citizens. Oh, and for the folks with Bibles nearby, for every sanction against homosexuality that’s in King James’ version, there’s a sanction imposed for adultery. No one really rants about that, though. Could it be that the hostility toward gays is more about personal fear and disgust than it is about Biblical teachings?


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