Pepsi Co. & Arnell Screw It Up Again

Tropicana, old/newAnyone that gets  OJ with their “two eggs scrambled on an everything not toasted” Saturday mornings can attest to the fact that Tropicana‘s new packaging (right) is totally fugly.

Well, the backlash over the packaging has been so severe (“It looks like a store brand”) that Pepsi Co, Tropicana’s owner, has announced that the company is going to revert back to the original (left).

I don’t understand: did they not do any market research before launching this ugliness? Not only is the new carton ugly, the straw in the orange on the original carton is simply iconic.

It turns out that Arnell, the same company that designed the painful new Pepsi logo also designed the new Tropicana cartons. My god they need to be fired from the business.

Trivia: Mr. Arnell, the company’s Chief Creative Officer declined to comment on the authenticity of the ridiculous 27-page Pepsi globe pitch I talked about here. Something tells me it’s totally authentic.


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