Chris Brown Is A Pathetic Asshole*

TMZ has posted a photo of Rihanna’s injuries leaked (sold?) to them by the LAPD. The photo was taken soon after her incident with Chris Brown and therefore does not depict the swelling and bruising which only develop over time:


Let me just say something things about this. (Serious time!)

First, I’m going to assume that Rihanna didn’t want this photo blasted all over the entire goddman internet and I considered that before posting it. While the photo should not have been leaked (the LAPD has launched an internal investigation), I think it’s important to show the face of violence, especially when it’s a face we know so well, and I hope Rihanna can understand the utility of having the photo released.

(*)Second, to be fair, let’s acknowledge that Chris is innocent until proven guilty and that there are always two sides to every story.  That said, I think abuse like this is beyond pathetic and especially frightening when you observe it in a 19-year-old boy. At 19, you should have just graduated high school (which I’m guessing Chris didn’t bother to do),  not driving rented Lamborghini’s through Hollywood pretending to be a grown up. Being able to afford grown-up things does not mean you are a grown-up.

I think perpetrators of domestic violence, particularly repeat offenders, should carry a stigma only slightly less severe than those of child molesters.  But nothing lasts forever in Hollywoodland and it will be interesting to see how long this stays with Chris; near immediate fallout saw his DoubleMint gum and milk endorsements virtually die. It took him his publicist a while to release his “I’m sowee” statement and I fear a token spa “rehab” stint is in the near future to “cure” whatever the fuck the media will swallow he has. On a sadder note, would we care about this as much if Chris’s girlfriend wasn’t also a huge celebrity?! Is Rihanna’s life more valuable than any other victim of domestic violence? And would we even know about this if it didn’t happen to occur outside the privacy of their home?

Chris is currently free on $50,000 bail. Let’s hope this sees some resolution soon.


2 Responses to Chris Brown Is A Pathetic Asshole*

  1. Nikki says:

    I just want to thank you for writing this statement. I too was a victim of Domestic violence for several years and I finally had enough nerve to leave. I was one of the lucky ones, but so many are not able to get out.

    I think it is wrong when we feel the need to hide this sort of crime because it a hard pill to swallow, but what we fail to realize is that most domestic violence occurs and continues because it IS hidden and no one usually knows until it’s too late. We as women have to stop hiding this abuse and bring it out in to the open. Make other women aware that they are not alone and there is help. I can pretty much assume from how severe these injuries are to Rihanna’s face that this is not the first time he has assaulted her. This is just the first time she could not hide it.

    I am sorry for her that her most personal and private moment has been broadcasted for the whole world to see, but at the same time..I hope she will use this experience to grown stronger and to educate other women afraid to leave an abusive partner that it is ok to leave.

    May GOD bless her and keep her

  2. Rihanna wants her ass beat again, now this is just so funny to me hahahahaha

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