Eye For An Eye Sentence To Procede In Iran

Bahrami Before Bahrami Movahedi

A 31-year-old Iranian woman (left) who was blinded and scarred by acid (center) thrown on her by a rejected suitor (right) has insisted that her attacker be punished under the Islamic principle of an eye for an eye.

The man, Majid Movahedi, attacked the woman, Ameneh Bahrami, in November 2004 and turned himself in to authorities two weeks later; he has been in jail since his conviction in 2005.

It’s common in Iran for victims to accept money in lieu of a harsh punishment for their attacker. Bahrami does not have insurance and could have used this money to pay for her medical bills. She refused, however, but denied that she was motivated by revenge, stating that blinding Movahedi will prevent him from blinding another in the future. (Wouldn’t imprisoning him for life also keep him from throwing acid on someone?)

Last year, the court sentnced Movahedi to be blinded by acid (Who is the soulless fucker that gets to commit that operation!?) and Movahedi’s appeal was rejected this month.

The sentence could be carried out in a matter of weeks and there’s no indication that Bahrami will change her mind.

Full story: CNN

PS: What is with all the acid attacks?!  Jeez, people…


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