Who Wants To Be A Baby Daddy?!

Photo: Lee Thompson

Photo: Lee Thompson

Remember this happy family?

Well, now there are TWO other men boys claiming that they are, in fact, the father of apparent super-slut Chantelle Steadman‘s baby, not Alfie, our favorite barely-four-foot-tall-voice-hasn’t-dropped-yet-12-year-old-who-looks-like-he’s-8.


Basically, Chantelle is all like “Alfie’s is the only boy-penis I’ve had barely penetrate the outside of my vaginal wall” and her parents are all like, “We’re good parents – no one ever slept over.”  (Um, riiight.)

Then there are these other two losers who are all like, “We banged Super Slut Chantelle like all the time and stuff” and for some fucking reason they want to end their lives at 14 and 16 and become fathers. What the fuck is wrong with these kids!? You couldn’t have stuck me with a child when I was 14 years old if you super-glued it and the DNA test to my fucking dorky-ass L.L. Bean bookbag.

Basically Maury Povich needs to swoop on in and set this shit straight.

Here are the photos of the kids who want to throw their lives away:

Richard Goodsell

I wanna be a baby daddy #1: Richard Goodsell, 16

Tyler Barker

I wanna be a baby daddy #2: Tyler Barker, 14

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