Oscars Wild!


2009 Oscar Stage Rendering; Rockwell Group

For the first time in the show’s history, this year’s Oscars will be designed by an architect – New Yorker David Rockwell – and he’s aiming to “redefine the show’s DNA.”  Rockwell studied past telecasts and wants this year’s show to be more intimate, loose, and nightclubby than those in the past; last year’s broadcast was the least-watched Oscars to date.


While details about the show are characteristically being kept close to the Academy’s chest, it is known that the orchestra will reside on the stage, the overall color scheme will move away from the expected gold and red to blue, and “the award presentations [will be] almost Shakespearean plays within a play.”  Umm… not sure about that last part.

Read the full article here and get your bitchy caps ready: the Oscars are this Sunday at 8 PM EST/5 PM PT on ABC, with host am-I-the-only-one-that-thinks-he’s-not-hot slash why-is-his-head-disproportionately-small Hugh Jackman.

PS: Benjamin Button shouldn’t win shit!


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