Breaking: Court Rules Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism

I first wrote about the claim that so-called MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccines are linked to the development of autism here, now a “special court” (no details on what the fuck that is) has ruled in favor of the “overwhelming” scientific evidence.

From the AP:

A special court has ruled against parents with autistic children, saying that vaccines are not to blame for their children’s neurological disorder.

The judges in the cases said the evidence was overwhelmingly contrary to the parent’s claims – and backed years of science that found no risk.

Over 5,000 claims were filed with the U.S. Court of Claims but the claims often differ on the role that thimerosal, a preservative found in some vaccines, plays in causing autism. CNN notes that the claims have been separated accordingly:

  • those who claim MMR vaccines and thimerosal-containing vaccines can combine to cause autism;
  • those who claim thimerosal-containing vaccines alone can cause autism; and
  • those who claim MMR vaccines, without any link to thimerosal, can cause autism.

Today’s ruling only effects claims filed under the first category, which logic would state had the strongest case. Later rulings will address claims in the latter two categories.

More: AP; CNN.


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