Music Spotlight: Annie

Norweigan singer Annie describes her music as “pop with strange edges, […] pop with an electro-dance heart” and I think that’s pretty accurate. Her 2005 debut LP, cutely-titled “Anniemal,” received plenty of good reviews and the warm, organic glow of the international indie spotlight.  Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of her next LP, titled “Don’t Stop.”  Many of these fans were relieved when the album leaked in June 2008 in what sounded like a completely finished form.  Since that leak, however, Annie has left her label, Island, in apparently abrupt fashion.  Case in point: Island had already released the forthcoming album’s first single, “I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me,” which Island’s YouTube page is still hosting the video for. (Oh, but they disabled the embedding so it won’t play on Annie’s MySpace page, where she still has it featured (bitchy move, Island, bitchy move)).

As reported by Pitchfork last month, Annie stated that she will still release the album but possibly only after tweaking the tracks which have already leaked and changing up the track list by pulling from the 45+ songs she recorded during the session that did not make the (initial) final cut. It will be fascinating to see how much she changes these tracks and I have to wonder the motivation: does she hate Island? Is it because they leaked? Was she never happy with it?  Because the original version is so widespread, I’m sure they’ll be no lack of comparisons by fans regarding which version is stronger. Bottom line, it sounds like an epic cluster fuck but either way, I think all that material will only makes fans happier.  Below are some of my favorite unreleased/leaked/to-be-released/not-to-be-released/outdated-versions-of-songs-that-will-be-released tracks:

My Love Is Better

I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me

Take You Home

Two Of Hearts (Stacey Q Cover)

(Um, can we have a moment to appreciate the cover art for Stacey Q’s single?  WOW 1986.)

Annie on the web:


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  1. […] Rare that a remix surfaces before the original, but whatevs. I like this track and after all the drama surrounding her next album, it looks like “Anthonio” will be the first single, to be released on May […]

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