World Nude Day!

Apparently February 6th (today!) is World Nude Day. Although it’s “World,” it’s most-observed in New Zealand (Kiwis!), which is probably why I am only learning about this now.

World Nude Day is about setting yourself free. It’s about nude, not lewd*. It’s about having fun … with your clothes off.

Here’s what to do:

1. Get nude.
2. Get a mate to film you.
3. Do something funny.
4. Upload it here for all to see.
5. Top 10 global entries chosen by official judges.
6. Winner decided by judges combined with public vote!

The winner gets US$10K worth of gold.  (Bling!).  I think instead of gold you should win a pair of Fundies – The Underwear For Two! Then you and the “mate” that filmed you could become even more intimate.  😉

I know I neither starred in nor filmed this video, but do you think I could enter it for consideration, anyway?

*The first video I watched had two erect men but then I realized there was a reason…  See all the videos here. (NSFW)

Via BuzzFeed.


One Response to World Nude Day!

  1. Clay says:

    I wanna be a doctor mommy!

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