Tell3: Coming Out Isn’t Enough

Pledge to Tell3 people what it’s like for you or your loved ones to be LGBT.  Because we used to think coming out would win us rights.  Now we know it takes more than that.  Take a step toward equality.  – Tell3 Campaign

The Tell3 campaign site has been launched by several national LGBT organizations (Join the Impact, ACLU, PFLAG, Freedom To Marry, etc) and encourages the LGBT community and our straight allies to have 3 conversations with someone in our lives about what it has means to be LGBT or care about someone who is LGBT. For some this may mean coming out to your parents, coming out at work, or maybe just telling someone whom you’ve been out to for years what growing up LGBT was like and LGBT what equality means to you.  The campaign is reasonable in that it doesn’t ask you to try to convert hardcore homophobes but instead advises that “you’re looking for people who – whether you’re out to them or not – don’t really know how being LGBT affects your life.”  (Which is a very large percentage of the population.)

I’ve been out for almost (exactly) nine years and the fact that this idea still makes me a little anxious is probably a great reason to do it.  I know a lot of very gay-friendly heteros and some very un-gay-friendly heteros that are no longer a part of my life, for better or for worse. I’ve been that person who has hopelessly tried to “convert” the un-convertible and while that experience may make me view this campaign with a little bit of cynicism, I think it will do far more good than damage.  (Just don’t come out at work if you live where they can fire you for being gay.)   😉

The clean and straight-forward website has reasons why you should do this, who you should do it with, and reasons why the excuses you came up with suck.

Go to the website and then go Tell3.

Via Joe. My. God.

PS: This makes up for the completely gratuitous post below, right!?


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