Minnesota Senate Recount, Part 45,209,531

Nicholas Roberts/REUTERS/Eric Miller

Photo: Nicholas Roberts/REUTERS/Eric Miller

So I thought this shit was settled already (the election was four months ago!) but apparently Minnesota still doesn’t have a junior Senator.  (Interesting how the world still turns, huh?).

Anyway, Norm Coleman (R) filed suit to have an additional 11,000 ballots re-considered for eligibility and the court opened up 4,797 of them for re-evaluation. Coleman now has to prove that each of those ballots was wrongly rejected before it is counted for him or Al Franken (D).  Franken is sitting on 771 ballots he also wants considered but they won’t move that case forward until Coleman rests his.

The last official ruling had Franken winning Minnesota by a mere 225.

Full story via the Associated Press.


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